Thursday, April 15, 2010

So long, Retired Bishop Miguel Cinches

I first got the sad news of Retired Bishop Miguel Cinches' death from an Indian religious website.  In fact, I got curious when the headline said, "Philippines farewells jolly SVD bishop".  The first thing that got to my mind is, maybe he is going to be reassigned abroad...

But reading the rest of the article made me realized that Philippines was not the only country which bids farewell to Bishop Cinches.  He left the world.. for good.

I know Bishop Cinches since my childhood days when my family would attend the holy mass at Surigao Cathedral Church.  Others would say he is a strict representative of the Church.  But my impression of him says otherwise.  I would always remember him as a man of God who wants to make a difference for the good of mankind.

May your soul rest in peace, bishop...

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