Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Travel Agency In Surigao

Before I throw this small piece of paper which I recently got at the Surigao Airport on my way back here in Manila, let me share this information with you which you might find helpful in the future.

As you can read in the image shown above, there is a travel agency in Surigao where you can purchase your PAL and AIRPHIL tickets.  This is really convenient for those who are residing in the city proper.  They do not have to run to the Airport, which is about four kilometers away, a distance which natives already consider as FAR.

Surigao is such a small place but over the years, it has grown and developed into a city with promising opportunities.  In fact, businesses has began sprouting that I wouldn't be surprised if one day, Surigao will be recognized as one of highly-urbanized cities in the country.

How's that? :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Batch '93

I got this photo thru picasa which one of my batchmates uploaded.  Thanks Roy!
As mentioned in my previous post, I wasn't able to join in any of SNNHS most recent alumni gatherings, including the parade.  Nonetheless, I must say that I am proud that I belong to Batch '93.

Kudos to the officers, organizers, and active members of my batch.  You did a great job guys! :)

Maradjaw Karadjaw Surigao!

Photo source: surigaocity.gov.ph
My recent vacation in my hometown, Surigao City, was memorable.  You see, it has been years since I went home in time for the city's fiesta celebration.  Unfortunately, this time I didn't roam around much more than I wanted.  I was not even able to watch the Bonok-bonok street dancing, which I was once a part of it sometime in my junior year in high school.  And I didn't join the alumni homecoming gathering. :(

Nevertheless, I'm glad I spent much of my time with my family and relatives.  That's what matters most. Period. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Schedule

I got a text the other day from Air Philippines informing me of the new schedule for Manila-Surigao (v.v) flight.  Here it goes:

Schedule Change Alert:  Flights to SURIGAO beginning 10 September-UFN has been rescheduled.  Your flight 2P65 will now depart at 11:30AM.  Check-in 2hours before the flight at NAIA Terminal 3.  We regret any inconvenience.  More info?  Please call (632) 855 9000 from 6:00AM to 10:00PM or visit www.airphilexpress.com.
As gathered from the Air Philippines' website, the said flight was indeed rescheduled.   Shown below are the screenshots taken: