Thursday, April 22, 2010

Facts and Figures (Part 7)

DID YOU KNOW THAT the overall dependency ratio dropped to 76 dependents per 100 working-age population?

The proportion of household population in the working age group (15 to 64 years) was 56.8 percent, young dependents (0 to14 years) comprised 38.3 percent, while old dependents (65 years and over) accounted for 4.9 percent.

The overall dependency ratio in 2007 was 76, which means that for every 100 persons in the working age group, there were about 76 dependents (67 young dependents and 9 old dependents). In 2000, there were about 78 dependents (70 young dependents and 8 old dependents) for every 100 persons in the working age group.  (Source:  NSO)

Well, the slight drop does not  hide the fact that there is still a significant number of dependents in the province.  :(

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